Part of the struggle that comes with moving is trying to decide the best way to get your most prized possessions to your new home. This is especially important when talking about how to relocate your vehicle. Here is a comparison between driving vs shipping your car for a long-distance move.


The number one factor that influences your decision on whether to hire a vehicle relocation service is how long it will take to get to your new house. Depending upon the distance that you are moving, it can take longer to make the trip than to simply hire a service. It is important to remember that if you do not hire a relocation service, you will be spending the trip with your family in the vehicle. Assigning value to your time can make the decision to hire a car moving service much easier.


The quickest way to necessitate buying a new vehicle is to wear out your old one. You must factor in the wear and stress that you will put on your car by driving it a long distance. The added expense of vehicle maintenance, the possibility of an accident, and the potential road conditions should all play a role in your decision.

Cost Efficiency

The last thing to think about when deciding between driving vs shipping your car for a long-distance move is the added costs associated with a road trip. While you may save money by driving, you must also consider the price of being on the road. Road necessities like gas, food, and drinks quickly eat into the wallet. You also need to consider the potential cost of staying in a hotel overnight.

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