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Senior Movers Fairfield Glade

Lives change, even for those who have been living in the same house for decades. We’ve seen a lot of special issues arise when seniors make moves. Often the move is all about downsizing. The kids are gone, so it’s time to move to a smaller house that doesn’t require as much time and energy to manage. Your health is failing, so you decide to senior move into an independent living facility.

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These changes come with a host of emotions, from excitement to fear. In addition, many seniors have accumulated a lot of special items over the years. Heirlooms and antiques require special care, and may provide a special source of anxiety, too.

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That’s why we wanted to take a moment to provide a list of tips which speak to your unique needs. This is vital if you are downsizing. Make sure your floor plan is accurate by bringing a tape measure to the new space, preferably before you commit to living there. Measure everything. Then, come home and measure your furniture.

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You probably are going to have a lot more furniture in your old place then you will want or need in your new place. And if your new place isn’t going to accommodate the dining table or sectional sofa that you just can’t live without then you’re going to want to rethink your ultimate destination.

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The floor plan makes it easy on the movers, too, since you’ll be able to tell them exactly where each and every item goes when you get to your new home. Besides, it can be fun envisioning how your old items are going to fit into your new life—and it’s comforting to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what will and won’t be making the transition with you.

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If you’re not moving into an independent living facility then it’s up to you to make sure your home is up to the challenge of aging with you. Think about accessibility issues. Does the new home have a lot of steps and stairs, or is it a nice ranch space? Does it offer accessible showers and bath features, or will you have to rip everything out and install new if you run into health problems later? Is there access to public transportation or a safe, reliable taxi service close enough to take you to your appointments, the grocery store, and any recreational activities you want to enjoy if your eyesight grows poor enough to make it unsafe for you to drive?

Nobody really enjoys thinking about these issues, but we all get older, and age brings challenges. You don’t want to do this all over again in a few years. You need more than a pretty home or a great yard to make your senior move successful.

Senior Movers Fairfield Glade
Senior Movers Fairfield Glade
Senior Movers Fairfield Glade