One of the hardest parts of any move is deciding what to keep and what to throw away. You want the process to go as quickly as possible, so reducing clutter before it has a chance to overrun your move is usually the safest bet. Here’s how to get rid of unwanted items prior to a move.

Donate to Charity

A great way to help your community, and declutter before moving day, is to donate some of your unwanted items to local charities. Homeless shelters are always in need of items for less fortunate people. Some common things that can be donated include nonperishable food items, clothing, and toiletries. Taking your lightly-used items to a donation center can give help, and hope, to people down on their luck.

Selling Old Items

Another option for people preparing to relocate is to sell your old items. Garage sales and internet auction sites can help clear some of your unwanted items while putting some money into your pockets. Collectables and electronic items are both potential sources of income if you’re willing to part with them. Other potential items you might be able to sell include furniture, glassware, and books.

To the Trash

For everything else, there’s the trash heap. This is for items you might wish to get rid of that don’t fit into the other categories. Expired food and possessions damaged beyond use should be tossed away. You can also take this opportunity to throw out old magazines and newspapers that have been collecting dust. Other items likely to end up at the dump include water bottles, plastic food storage containers, and clothing that cannot be donated.

With so many ways to get rid of unwanted items prior to a move, keeping the rest of your move on track can turn into a nightmare. With so many long distance professional moving companies, choosing Top Moving Solutions will have you in your new home in no time.