Moving to a new home is a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Nothing can seem more daunting than realizing just how much stuff there is to sort through and pack for a big move. Just looking at one room can bring on the stressful question of “Where to begin?”.

To help ease the pressure of organizing a lifetime of belongings, consider these 12 expert tips.

Moving to a new home should be a fun and exciting experience for everyone. Plan the move ahead of time and try out these handy tips to make moving day easy and stress-free.

Create a Moving Day Book

This should be the one and only reference that will be needed for the move. Organizing and packing always takes more time than expected, but by being prepared with a realistic schedule and notes for tackling each room, will make the whole process feel a lot more manageable.

Another way to make moving easier on yourself is to add relevant contact information that may be needed for the move.

Include numbers for the moving company, organisations for donation pick ups, and even accommodations for those long-distance moves.

Have All Packing Supplies in One Central Location

Create a packing supplies area that will have everything needed for quick and convenient packing. Nothing disrupts packing more than wasting time looking for things or having to run out and buy more supplies.

The most important items to have on hand are:

  • Quality packing tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Thick markers
  • Color-coded labels
  • Tissue paper or bubble wrap

Get Free Boxes Instead of Buying New Ones

Although boxes are very important for moving belongings, they are also an unnecessary cost when there are so many that can be sourced for free.

Check out big hardware stores and supermarkets since they tend to go through tons of clean sturdy boxes and often have no problem giving them away for free.

Another great way to find moving boxes in the area would be through online classifieds like Craigslist.

Clearly Label Everything

To keep the moving day process as smooth as possible, make sure to label every box according to each room.

Color code boxes with labels, tape or colorful markers so that grouping them together is a breeze.

Other items that should be labeled is furniture hardware. When furniture is being taken apart, make sure to keep all screws, dowels and brackets together in clearly labeled packets.

Start to Pack Early

Underestimating just how long the packing process will take is a very common issue when planning a move.

Once the initial plan is set, begin packing items that are rarely used or will not be needed until after moving day. This will get them out of the way and free up space for the most time-consuming items.

Donate Unused Items

While organizing and packing up personal belongings, it’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to purge things that are no longer useful or wanted.

Create a donation pile in each room and give them to local charities or call up and ask for a donation pick up.

Prepare for the First Few Days in the New Home

Many people get so focused on packing everything up that they forget to prepare essentials for the first few days in the new home.

Moving can be quite tiring and often unpacking everything takes more than a day, so having a box of necessary items will help everyone settle in better.

That includes toilet paper, enough cups, plates, and silverware for everyone, toothbrushes, and hand soap.

Take Reference Photos

While packing up cables from electronics or taking apart furniture, it pays to take reference photos for when everything has to be assembled again.

Photos also come in handy to see inside packed boxes.

Before sealing up a box, take a quick snap of the contents to keep on hand, or print out a small photo and attach it to the box for a handy “peek” inside without having to rifle through every box for one little thing.

Don’t Mix Items in Boxes

One of the biggest mistakes that creates a lot of aggravation is mixing items from different rooms into one box.

Not only is it impossible to find anything this way, but it also adds extra work to sort everything into their designated areas.

Be Strategic

Consider the weight and fragility of everything being packed away. Picking up incredibly heavy boxes is very tiring and an injury waiting to happen.

Pack boxes at a reasonable weight, with the heaviest items at the bottom.

Fragile items should always have good padding on all sides to avoid movement and breakage during transport.

Make it a Fun Experience

The last tip to remember is to make the moving process a lot of fun.

Keep the mood light and create an atmosphere that makes packing enjoyable.

Play upbeat music, take breaks to look back at some of the memories that were made, and look forward to the new ones that are to come.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

The number one way to make moving easier is to put the tough job of packing and moving into the hands of a professional.

Hiring someone to do the packing and heavy lifting leaves the stress out of moving knowing everything will be taken care of. 

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