The move to a new office building can be an exciting opportunity for a company to relaunch and reinvigorate its brand. But this opportunity can turn into a disaster for an organization that isn’t prepared to seize their moment. Here are four office relocation mistakes to avoid.

Lack of Planning

Just like a home move, office relocation requires planning that goes beyond scheduling a moving truck. A timeline will establish a roadmap that everyone can follow throughout the entire moving process. Each department should create a checklist of essential items that must be in place before they can move. A relocation should go forward only after they have met these needs.

Not Setting a Budget

You should prioritize setting a budget. You may encounter a variety of potential issues if you ignore this step. Aside from preventing your staff from wasting time, setting a budget also keeps the office managers from going overboard on decorations and furnishings. A budget also prevents your IT department from overspending on unnecessary technology upgrades.

Keeping Unnecessary Junk

There is nothing inherently wrong with sentimentality. Keeping mementos from your past successes is a great way to build confidence among your team. But when you are moving offices, you have the unique chance to clear out some of your older junk to make room for your new trophies and awards.

Not Hiring Professionals

One of the biggest office relocation mistakes to avoid is expecting your staff to complete the move. This can lead to injuries for employees who are trying to perform physical labor. It can also result in damage to your equipment. Professional movers can help keep your move on schedule. They will stick to the budget and ensure the safety of your workers and office equipment.

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