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Internal Moving
Moving Solutions | Nashville is pleased to offer our clients a comprehensive, professional internal moving program that provides outstanding services and cost savings for our clients. Moving Solutions | Nashville will assign a dedicated Internal Moving Advisor who will serve as the employees advocate, proactively managing the requirements of the move, while ensuring all suppliers perform to the highest standards of service and professionalism.

Moving Solutions | Nashville: Internal Movers in Piperton

Our supplier network is comprised of top performing carriers who are committed to providing unparalleled service. This service delivery system results in greater customer satisfaction by providing for continuity of service and greater accountability for performance. The Moving Solutions | Nashville customer service advisor will review each transferees specific move requirements. Based on the information we receive we can determine the best mode of transport for their shipment. Moving Solutions | Nashville will determine if the shipment should go via the Van Lines, common carrier or rail. The determination is made based on requested pick up and delivery dates as well as availability of housing at the destination.

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Moving Solutions | Nashville takes a unique approach towards moving household goods domestically. Typically household goods have been moved via the Van Line system. In many instances this system works fine. Unfortunately there are some major drawbacks as well. The Van Lines have diminished capacity in the busy months and therefore clients are faced with long spread dates between pick up and delivery. In addition the Van Lines can not guarantee pick up and delivery dates unless the shipment will fill out a complete Van. At Moving Solutions | Nashville we have Etowah
pted a program that offers our clients shipping alternatives that guarantee pick up and delivery dates as well as greatly reducing the spread dates between pick up and delivery.

Throughout the world Moving Solutions | Nashville has the reputation for providing first class internal moving services. We always look beyond the horizon of our industry to develop and deliver innovative and cost effective programs for our clients, while continuously improving our quality.

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Our alternative transportation options can be a large cost savings to our clients based on savings they can realize on per diem expenses, hotel costs and temporary living expenses. Our Relocation Advisors will proactively respond to employees concerns and quickly resolve issues. Moving Solutions | Nashville’s full replacement value insurance program provides comprehensive coverage for personal belongings in transit and storage. In the event of a claim, our Relocation Advisors will oversee the entire claim process, ensuring timely settlement.

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Moving Solutions | Nashville’s volume of business has allowed us to negotiate very favorable rates and terms with our providers without sacrificing quality service. Our contracts contain many value-added features that result in significant cost savings. In addition, all supplier invoices are audited, giving our clients complete confidence that all tariff rates and contracted discounts were properly applied and services invoiced were authorized and necessary in the performance of the internal move.

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Dates for pick up and delivery of shipments are guaranteed and because no spread dates are required, transit times are significantly reduced. Our lift van shipping option is beneficial for all size shipments and is very economical, especially for shipments that require storage-in-transit (S.I.T.) Additionally, there are no peak season challenges or shortage of equipment. Our combination of outstanding customer service, comprehensive program management and innovative value added features result in cost savings and highly satisfied customers.

Piperton Internal Movers
Piperton Internal Movers
Piperton Internal Movers