Preparing for a long-distance move comes with a checklist long enough to make total compliance nearly impossible. One of the tasks is hiring a car relocation service, but many people don’t know that this option exists. Here are some tips for selecting a car shipping service that will help tick one more item off your list.

Check for Certification

Before entering into any agreements, be sure to check on the certifications for any company that offers a car moving service. Due to the size and weight of the carriers required to ship a vehicle, this mode of transportation is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and requires a valid Motor Carrier (MC) number. If any of the companies you are considering return a result of “Not Authorized,” you should promptly remove them from your list, no matter what they say.

Read Customer Reviews

Leaving your vehicle in the care of strangers is enough to raise anybody’s anxiety level. To help calm your nerves, you should read the reviews and ratings from multiple sources for each company. The number of reviews often speaks to the company’s practices and offers an unfiltered glimpse into the experience of other consumers. Be sure to look at both positive and negative reviews to get a better understanding of whether or not you can trust the company.

Compare Policies and Services

Not all car transport services are created equal. You should confirm pickup and delivery windows and locations before making your selection. You should also consider taking out a separate insurance policy or ask if the company covers incidents themselves. The last of the tips for selecting a car shipping service is to ask for information on any businesses that the car moving company works with during the transportation process. This way, you can evaluate them to check if they measure up to your expectations.

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It’s always good to know that your moving company has your back. Contact us at Top Moving Solutions for all your cross country auto transport needs.