Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing
Moving Solutions (Agent of DCZ Logistics Inc.)!

It was a pleasure speaking with you. To help prepare for your move, here is our Key Features Checklist that will be effective as of today.

Key Features:
(888) 336-0797 is now your main point of contact. Please do not hesitate to call us anytime with any questions.
4-7 days prior to your move date, you may receive a call from our Quality Assurance department to confirm your move. If you need to make any changes and are available now to speak to a QA representative, kindly reach out to (888) 336-0797.
7 days prior to your scheduled move date our Customer Service department will be calling to confirm your information on file, the balance due upon pick up and the forms of payment accepted. If by any chance you miss this call, kindly call back. The scheduled move date is a 2 day window from the above listed date. (888) 336-0797.
Last but not least, the afternoon (approximately 24 hours) before your scheduled move date:, our Dispatch department will reach out to you to finalize and confirm the details of the scheduled window.

We look forward to servicing your move. Any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or kindly call us at (888) 336-0797 Customer Service.

As I mentioned during the verification call, I have enclosed a copy of the verification script below for your reference. Please take the time to read over the entire script and feel free to contact us anytime with any questions regarding this matter.

Mandatory Closing Post-Payment Verification
I am going to go over the contract with you and you need to verbally agree to the terms.

This is a binding price based on the inventory you provided, and services requested in the estimate. The only way this price will change is if you add any additional services or inventory items to your move. Move price is based on space used and goes up or down by your contracted rate. If at any time you require an additional space reservation or should your list of items take up more space, your binding rate shall remain the same as stated in your contract.
Additional services would be long carry over 100 ft from the truck to your door, flights of stairs over 12 steps on the exterior of your home, elevator services or packing. YOU are responsible to have all your boxes and fragile items packed, (I.E. glass tabletops, curio cabinets, TV’s Etc.) Unless specifically noted on your electronically signed order. We do offer ala Cart packing if you need, for an additional cost. Mattresses must be wrapped, and covers can be provided.
Your arrival date is a 3-day window, we will confirm which day the pick-up will be up to 3 days prior to your first day or as late as the evening before your last day prior to the scheduled arrival date, along with a 3-hour estimated time of arrival. Your move date is flexible however, it is based on our availability. Please let us know of any date changes with as much advanced notice as possible to make sure we can accommodate you.
Your delivery time frame is a window based on your first available delivery date and your destination, which is your F.A.D. Your F.A.D. is NOT your delivery date, it is the first date of your delivery window. If your household goods are being stored in our facility. Your FAD window will be applicable once you notify and confirm with the company that you are available to receive delivery. At that point we will schedule your items to be picked up from storage and once loaded your delivery window will begin.
Expedited Delivery – If at any time should you be interested in receiving an expedited delivery, we offer this option at a flat rate per cubic foot. Should you select this option, your delivery window will be decreased by 50%. For example, if your delivery window was 7-14 days your expedited delivery window would now be 3 ½-7 days. This option can be added at any time prior to pick-up or delivery if storage services are included.
REMINDERS – Due to the delivery time frames, we suggest that you do not ship any important documentation such as: passports, birth certificates, social security cards and any other personal identification. We also recommend that you do not pack any medications or medical equipment that will be needed during the time of transit. We also encourage that you do not transport any business or professional necessities. This includes but is not limited to, small electronic equipment, such as ipads, laptops, and computers that you would need immediate access to throughout the duration of pickup and delivery. It is strongly recommended to not schedule house closings the day after the last day of your arrival window because it is for arrival not job completion, leaving an extra day for unforeseen circumstances is always a best practice.
$0 – Credit card is only accepted for deposits in most instances, personal checks can be used on pick up when deliveries are scheduled to be longer than 3 business days, otherwise pick up and delivery must be a certified form of payment for direct deliveries. Deposits are nonrefundable for moves canceled on pickup day.
If there are any changes to the inventory or additional services needed after the reservation is made please inform Quality Assurance when they call you 3-7 days prior to your scheduled move date. You can also call or email to make any updates.

Average* Delivery Spread Chart

* – windows are not guaranteed and can be affected by load size, time of year, weather, and other acts of God

Do you understand and agree to these terms and conditions?

In order to confirm receipt of this Key Features Checklist Reply to this email with “Acknowledged”

Again, if you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or kindly call us at (888) 336-0797 Customer Service.

No one likes surprises at the end of their move, so please review this information carefully. This estimate is based upon the information you’ve provided us, which is detailed in your quote. Please contact our office if there’s anything we’ve missed or overlooked, as any changes to the amount of goods we move may impact your final cost.

Fuel surcharge is subject to change with the unprecedented market we are experiencing.

Have a great day!

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