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Moving Solutions | Nashville are your local one piece move and apartment moving specialists, combining excellent service with surprisingly affordable pricing.

Moving Solutions | Nashville: One Piece Movers in Maryville

Most people wouldn’t think of using a professional mover for one or two items or to move furniture from one room to another so they can install carpeting or redecorate. They assume it’s too expensive or that a big moving company couldn’t be bothered with such small jobs – and many aren’t. So they attempt to do it themselves or ask a favor from a friend or relative.

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Organizing a small move can be more difficult or frustrating for you than a big move. For us, local small moves are our bread and butter. Moving Solutions | Nashville completes multiple small moves a day, enabling us to offer competitive pricing. Our minimums are lower than most other movers, making it affordable for you to use a professional mover for any moving job. We’re also an apartment moving company. You’re no longer obligated to pay full PRICE for a half-full truck. Moving Solutions | Nashville gives you the best value for your dollar.

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The disadvantages of a do-it-yourself move.
You often have to work around someone else’s schedule
You or the person carrying the items risk injury
You may damage the objects being carried or the walls, floors and doorways
You might find that you can’t fit items in a minivan, through an entranceway, or up and down stairs
You’ll end up spending more time and money than you bargained for
Small moves are a BIG deal! For us and you.

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You can rely on Moving Solutions | Nashville for many small jobs. Here are just a few:
Moving one or two items – a piano, refrigerator, piece of exercise equipment or gun safe
An inside shift within the same residence – to undertake renovations or repairs
Moving fragile antiques or heavy Dover
safely relocating hard to maneuver furniture
Rearranging rooms for home staging or selling
There are few moving tasks we aren’t equipped to expertly handle. We’ve even hoisted sofas through a second floor window! Moving Solutions | Nashville never says no and the PRICE is always right.

We’re an established part of your neighborhood and your affordable local mover. As your local moving company, we’re dedicated to providing affordable friendly service to you, our neighbors. Unlike movers from more remote locations, we have a reputation to uphold in our community. Outside companies are often only interested in collecting payment while we strive to obtain repeat customers by offering quality affordable assistance. For us, it’s personal. We’re aware that word of mouth and referrals drive our business. Any dissatisfaction hits too close to home!

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We also know that a good small move can lead to bigger moves. We rely on your support so you can rely on us. Our commitment to our customers and the excellent service we provide has earned us a great reputation in our home state of Maryville, TN and beyond.
Using a local small moving company like Moving Solutions | Nashville has many advantages over hiring a larger company with a more remote location. Here are just a few:
Covering shorter distances helps ensure your move is completed quickly and on schedule
No extra charges for gas or time spent travelling to your destination keep us affordable
In the event of damages or a claim, it’s easier to resolve with a smaller local business than a big bureaucratic moving company
It’s convenient to visit our office with questions or to pick up moving supplies
As local movers, it’s easier for us and more affordable to assess your needs in person
It’s easy to establish that we’re a legitimate, reputable business — not just a website address
Local moving companies are subject to your state’s regulations and requirements
Remember: Choose local.
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