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Newbern Senior Citizen Movers

Local Senior Moving Services
Moving Solutions | Nashville has been helping Tennessee Seniors and their families relocate to the top retirement communities. In fact, Moving Solutions | Nashville is the preferred provider for moving services to over 15 senior communities here in Tennessee. Our movers are compassionate men who have a vested interest in making sure you have a positive moving experience. After all, we know that if we do a good job, you will share your experiences with other seniors, family members, and the move-in department at your new retirement community.

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What is Local Senior Moving ?
A local senior move is a move performed for someone over the age of 50 that takes place within a 40-mile radius and stays within the state of Tennessee. Most of our local senior moves involve moving seniors to a retirement community, independent senior living, assisted living, or a long-term care community. Many factors determine the cost of a local senior move. Luckily, many of those factors are within your control. For example, would you like us to help sort through items and assist you in downsizing? Would you like assistance packing your belongings? Would you like us to help you develop a new floor plan? Do you know what floor your new senior living unit is on? Do you have any extremely heavy items to move? Are there any items that may require disassembly or reassembly services?
These and many more questions will help our Certified Senior Moving Consultants develop a custom move plan that will allow us to coordinate and supervise all aspects of your upcoming move. Our strategy is to take you through a step-by-step process, explain your options, and develop the best pre-move plan for the most cost-effective relocation. We begin with advanced pre-move counseling where our dedicated Certified Senior Moving Consultants will visit your home and provide you with a written in-home estimate. Our Certified Senior Moving Consultants will be there every step of the way to make sure that everything that was promised during your estimate was fulfilled on moving day.
5 Simple Steps for a Successful Local Senior Move
Step 1 – Your Decision to Move
There are many emotional steps involved in your decision to move, change is not something to take lightly. Your existing home may hold many memories. However, that same home may become too big, and keeping up with maintenance and repairs may not be something you are willing to do.
Here Are Some Questions You Might Want to Consider
Is it time for a move?
What will be my family’s reaction?
Where is the best place for me to relocate?
What is my timetable?
What do I need to bring with me to the new location?
How do I take inventory of possessions?
How do I prepare for downsizing, what do I do with the excess?
How do I make the move – packing, utilities for the old and new home, unpacking?
Step 2 – Initial Consultation with one of our Certified Senior Moving Consultants to establish an understanding of your needs and outline our services
Once you have made the decision that you are ready to move, please give us a call at 615-393-6794 to make an appointment for a meeting in your home. There is no fee for this service. We will schedule an appointment based on your availability. We can visit in the morning, afternoon, evening, or even weekends. Depending on the size of your move and the services you have selected, we will generally recommend that you schedule your consultation 1-2 weeks prior to your desired move date. This will allow our Certified Senior Moving Consultants enough time to prepare your floor plan, assist in downsizing any excess items, and make arrangements for packing, moving, or storage services.

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When the Moving Solutions | Nashville, LLC Certified Senior Moving Consultant visits your home he will focus on the following:
Determine what help you need with your existing home to prepare for moving?
Determine if and how much packing may be needed?
Identify which items you may wish to downsize or give to family members?
Identify which items you would like to move to your new home?
Identify your packing and moving date
Confirm your move plan and pack/move dates with the coordinators at your new retirement community.
Two days or within 48 hours after our Certified Senior Moving Consultant visits your home, he will provide you with a customized move plan and estimation of total moving costs. The estimate will be a very detailed document that will be easy to read. It will be typed in large font and either hand delivered or e-mailed. Our Certified Senior Moving Consultant will either schedule another visit or call you on the phone to review our proposal and see if you have any questions.
Step 3 – New Home Review (Optional Service) (provide a floor plan & help you decide what you need)

Our Certified Senior Moving professional will provide the floor plan of your new home to help you visualize and evaluate your new living area.

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A detailed layout will show room dimensions including:
Location of electrical outlets, phone and cable connections
Location and dimensions of doors and windows
Prospective locations where your furniture could be placed
This critical step will allow us to help you arrange you belongs into your new location; help you determine what possessions should be taken and what needs to be downsized. Please note, many of the Newbern Area retirement communities have move-in coordinators that may perform these services at no cost. When this option is available, we will work with the move-in coordinator to acquire your new floor plan layout before your move date.
Step 4 – Preparing for the Move (Optional Services)
Sorting – We will help you organize your current home and sort your items to help determine which items to move. This can take a few hours, or as long as a few days depending on how much help you need.
Taking Inventory – We will take photographic and written inventory of the condition of your items to ensure they are unpacked and placed in your new home in their original condition.
Downsizing – Help you determine what is needed in the new home, make arrangement for family heirlooms to be shipped to loved ones, arrange estate sales, appraisals for antiques, and make charitable contributions.
Packing – Help pack your home and prepare it for moving day. We will supply a senior packing team who is experienced in packing fragile or delicate items. Our pack team will use the specialized packing materials including, boxes designed for dishes and pictures. Depending on the services you have selected, and the size of your move, preparation and packing will generally begin 1-3 days prior to the scheduled move, leaving selected necessities for your use until the scheduled move date. If you are transferring from one room into another room within a facility, we will lightly pack your items on the day of the scheduled move.

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Labeling – All boxes will be labeled for the new room location.
Step 5 – Moving Day (supervising your move, unpacking, resettling)
On moving day Moving Solutions | Nashville will be present to supervise your entire relocation. Your moving team will be chosen based on the exact specifications of your move. Your handpicked team of movers will complement each other’s job capabilities and create a manageable, efficient and cost-effective relocation. For example, if your move requires a lot of disassembly, then we will send a mover who is experienced in providing disassembly services.
Moving – On your scheduled moving day, we arrive on-time to finish packing the selected necessities, break down the beds, and began loading the truck. By early-afternoon our movers will arrive at your new home. Since we perform so many moves into many of the area’s top local retirement communities, we know the best places to park the truck so we can efficiently unload your belongings.
If your original home needs to be cleaned prior to the sale of the home we can arrange to have a cleaning crew perform a concentrated effort at making your home look its best.
Unpacking (Optional Service) – Our original packing team will begin unpacking boxes that our movers deliver. All items that were packed will be placed in their predetermined locations. The packers will also direct our movers where to place your furniture. Our packers can also help organize your kitchen and closets, make your bed, hang your pictures, and ensure that your cable and phone are connected. All of the empty packing materials and boxes will be removed from your new home. When our unpacking team leaves your new home, we want you to feel as if you have lived in your new home for years.
Step 6 – Follow-up and Post Move Evaluation
Undecided where to hang the pictures on moving day? Or, decided you didn’t like the flow of the furniture and would like to move the couch? Not a problem. Take your time to think about it, when you are ready, we will schedule time to come back and make the necessary adjustments.
We understand there are times a medical or personal situation can be the driving force of the move and time lines can be tight. We will be there every step of the way, go the extra mile, and address all the details, ensuring the transition is smooth and the new surroundings are familiar.
Post Move Evaluation – At the close of each move, you will be asked to complete an online service questionnaire, used to evaluate our workmanship. This questionnaire helps to distinguish areas of strength and weakness. This assessment is a vital tool, which allows us to listen, learn, and provide continuous improvement on our award-winning senior moving services.

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What You Can Expect During a Local Senior Move
Exceptional Customer Service is Guaranteed – At Moving Solutions | Nashville we have received numerous awards for our dedication to providing senior citizens with outstanding customer service. Including a 2008 Customer Service Hero Award from Corp! Magazine and a featured chapter in the customer service book, “Who’s Your Gladys?” From the moment you first contact Moving Solutions | Nashville until your last piece of furniture is placed exactly where you like it, you can rest assured knowing that our representatives will work tirelessly to make sure you are completely satisfied with your entire move.
Certified Senior Moving Consultants – We assign a Certified Senior Moving Consultant (CSMC) to each local move. Our Certified Senior Moving Consultants have a minimum of 5 years consulting experience within the senior moving industry and have passed a nationally accredited industry certification examination. Your CSMC will be your personal moving expert throughout your relocation. He/She will create a customized move plan that will layout the foundation for a successful, stress free, and affordable move. At any time, your CSMC will be available to answer questions, update you on the status of your move, and make sure that all the promises made during your estimate are kept on moving day.
Specialized Movers Based on Your Needs – Your moving team will be chosen based on the exact specifications of your move. Your handpicked team of movers will complement each other’s job capabilities and create a manageable, efficient and cost-effective relocation. For example, if your move requires a lot of disassembly, then we will send a mover who is experienced in providing disassembly services.
Working Supervisors on Every Move – We assign a working supervisor on every senior move. All of our working supervisors have worked a minimum of 100 local senior moves before attaining the title of working supervisor. Prior to your move, your working supervisor will have a meeting with your Certified Senior Moving Consultant to review your move plan. Your working supervisor will be onsite to direct the moving team and will be there to assure total accountability.
Superior Protection Plan on Every Move – Moving Solutions | Nashville prides itself on the safe and secure transport of your household goods. Although your items may be going a short distance during a local senior move, we still take the necessary measures to protect your valuables. Our professionals’ pad and stretch wrap furniture to help ensure no damage is incurred during the transport. Our 15 Steps of Home & Furniture Protection is unique in the industry. We promise to pad protect your entryway doors, stair banisters, in addition to covering any walkway flooring. To further protect our customers, we offer exceptional options for valuation coverage.
A Positive Impact on Our Local Community – Our world headquarters is based right here in Tennessee. Our employees are Tennessee residents and a majority of our truck fleet consists of American-made nameplates. We take great measures to go out of our way to spend our dollars with local Tennessee based companies. After all, we know how important it is to help support the local economy and people who use our services. So when you hire Moving Solutions | Nashville you can rest easy knowing that you too are helping keep Tennessee families working, and you too are doing your part to stimulate the local economy by hiring a local senior moving company who will pay it forward and spend their money here in Tennessee. Point-to-Point Service – The same moving professionals that load your goods at your place of origin will be the same persons that unload your goods at your new destination. This seamless service fosters a better relationship between you and our movers and provides you with the satisfaction of complete accountability.
The Cleanest Moving Trucks – At Moving Solutions | Nashville, maintaining our moving fleet and ensuring dependable fleet transportation is a significant part of our commitment to our customers. Our delivery vehicles are serviced by professional mechanics on a regular basis and comply with all state regulatory, transportation and emission standards and codes.
Post Move Evaluation – At the close of each move, you will be asked to complete an online service questionnaire, used to evaluate our workmanship. This questionnaire helps to distinguish areas of strength and weakness. This assessment is a vital tool, which allows us to listen, learn, and provide continuous improvement on our award-winning moving service.
The cost for Local Senior Moving Services:
Moving Solutions | Nashville would like to help you understand the way local senior moving charges are determined. We want to help you get an accurate estimate so there are no surprises on your move day. Here is how we base the pricing for local moving services:
The number of movers required to perform the move
The amount of time it takes the movers to load your belongings into the truck
The drive time between your old residence and new residence
The amount of time it takes to unload your belongings into your new residence
In addition, a travel charge is assigned to all local moves. Typically, the travel charge is a one-hour fee depending on where you live. Ask your Certified Senior Moving Consultant to find out what the Travel Charge would be for your zip code.
Moving Solutions | Nashville can accommodate any of your local moving needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We combine the most modern and updated equipment with the most elite of manpower in our industry. For your next local senior move in the Newbern, TN area contact Moving Solutions | Nashville at 615-393-6794 and schedule an appointment to have one of our Certified Senior Moving Consultants provide you with a FREE MOVING ESTIMATE.

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