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White Bluff Long-Distance Movers

Long Distance Moving
Long distance moving may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of Moving Solutions | Nashville, moving can be very easy. All you have to do is pick up the phone and let us take care of everything.

Moving Solutions | Nashville: Long-Distance Movers in White Bluff

Moving long distance is very similar to moving locally. Services such as packing / unpacking, storage, packing supplies are still readily available to you. As part of our standard service, we provide disassembly / re-assembly, blanket wrapping of furniture, shrink wrapping of furniture, laying down floor runners for protection, and paying special attention to more delicate pieces.

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Since local moves are hourly based, long distance moves are calculated primarily on the distance, estimated weight and cubic feet. This is a great thing for the client as their goods will be scaled at a government certified scaling station and they would only pay for the actual weight of their goods.

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Apart from the primary costs, there are additional surcharges such as elevator, shuttle, hoisting, etc. associated with the move. Since long distance moving does not charge hourly, the added fees are a quantified cost for the additional services required. For example, loading or unloading a truck from the main floor vs. an elevator has their differences in moving time. The elevator will obviously take longer as there are several extra steps involved increasing the labour time.

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Therefore when inquiring about an estimate, it is important to always mention the following:
•What the access is like at the pick-up/drop-off location
•Is the pick-up/drop-off location a house or a condo
•Can a 70 ft tractor trailer gain access via the city streets to get to your home
•Are there any oversized items like a piano or a hot tub
•How far is the walk from your front door to the loading spot
•Is there an elevator, if not how many flight of stairs are there

We offer complete moving services to/from White Bluff and surrounding Tennessee areas as well as long-distance to anywhere inside Tennessee, outside of Tennessee or even outside of the country!

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Call us today Toll Free at 866-385-0263 for more information or to schedule a FREE Consultation in regards to your long distance moving needs.